South Shore Sports Center was founded by our family over 25 years ago to provide our community with a place to play, learn, and celebrate our love of sports. We are a fully-equipped sports center with a mission to develop well-rounded athletes in an environment that’s friendly, laid-back, and enjoyable for all. Our goal is to give our players a safe space to grow and flourish in their sport while promoting health, development, and confidence.

When we were kids, we were happy with a dusty lot and a hand-me-down ball as long as our friends were playing, too. At South Shore Sports Center, we promote this same basic love of the game to all of our players – in a place that’s a bit more put-together. Whether you’re playing, cheering, or just stopping by to catch a game, we welcome all who love sports to stop by and join our family.


At South Shore Sports Center, we’re much more than just an athletic facility. We’re a community center with a variety of programming welcome to everyone.

  • Youth sports leagues

  • Adult sports leagues

  • Kids World play center

  • Birthday parties and family get-togethers

  • Skybox Lounge (open to the public!)

  • Private event rentals

  • Fundraisers and community gatherings

  • School vacation programming